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Posts to one server work, to another not?

I'm running inn 1.7.2-16 on my home (Debian "Potato") PC, with all
news transfer handled by suck 4.2.2.  I pull news from four sites:
my cable ISP (Optimum Online), my shell ISP (Panix), and two private
non-peering servers, news.sff.net and news.dm.net.

Until yesterday everything was working fine.  Yesterday, something
broke, even though I installed no software and changed no

Ordinarily, when I post using slrn, a line is added to the
appropriate file in /var/spool/news/outgoing.  For instance, if I
post to one of the groups I get via Panix, an entry pointing to that
article appears in feed.news.panix.com.  If I post to a Dueling
Modems group, a line appears in feed.news.dm.net.

Well, the Panix part still works.  However, articles posted to a
Dueling Modems group are posted locally, so my local innd is
recognizing them.  However, for some reason they aren't appearing in
the outgoing file and never get sent to news.dm.net.

Permissions on feed.news.dm.net are correct.  I checked file dates in
all the obvious places and nothing changed yesterday.  The logs don't
even *record* the posting of the article, much less an error.

Sorry if this is a stupid question.  I did check the FAQ before

Thanks in advance for any help.
Carl Fink		carlf@dm.net
I-Con's Science and Technology Programming

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