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Re: X with a S3 Trio64V+ card

In article <Pine.LNX.4.10.10008040733270.22596-100000@op.edasz.hu>,
   Pap Tibor <papt@edasz.hu> wrote:

> How much memory do you have on your card? The possible highest
> resolution depends on your memory. I'm using S3 Trio64V+ with 2 MB
> memory, with 1024x768 16bpp. If you have 1MB, you still can use this
> resolution, but with 8 bit color depth only.

Yes, it's only a 1 MB card. :-/

But I haven't managed yet to start the X server in 1024x768 and 8 bpp.
800x600 and 16 bpp was no problem. Well, I'll have another go then.

Thanks for your help.



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