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Re: [fox@xs4all.nl: Re: gnapster won't download: "fopen: No such file or directory"]

It's buggy, you can only "share" mp3's, I often try to download a few
songs only to get "error" so I can only assume that their database isn't
kept updated very often at all. I can only compare it to gnutella under
linux, which is also buggy but I like how it's distributed and not
limited to mp3 files. Under windoze, I prefer Scour Exchange because I
can share any type of file, it's more configurable, and the database not
only seems to be right nore often, but it's much faster.

Hope that helps. I'm nothing of an expert with any of these.

* Krzys Majewski (majewski@cs.ubc.ca) [000803 13:40] wrote:
> Out of curiousity, what don't you like about napster? 
> One thing  that strikes me  as potentially lame  is that you  can only
> upload my files  while I'm running the client..but  I guess that's the
> windows  way (howbout  a  napsterd with  sophisticated access  control
> etc.?) Napster struck me as pretty effective but then again my 
> expectations were low.. 
> chris
> > Not that I think napster does it's job particularly well but I thought
> > people should know that it is up. Of course, there's always gnutella for
> > file sharing-- of open source software, of course. Heh.
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