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RE: What do I have to do to get my server running?


Have you RTFM? Ok..ok....here goes:

*I am assuming you have Samba up and running properly* i.e. the smbd and
nmbd daemons are running (check this using ps aux).

1.	Configure your "smb.conf" in /etc/samba....I usually use Samba Web
Administration Tool (SWAT), which allows you to configure both the smb.conf
and smbpasswd files via your web browser (http://localhost:901/). You can
find the debianised version on Debian and its numerous mirrors. (Make sure
you uncomment the corresponding line in inetd.conf before using SWAT). You
should "share" the directories you want to Windoze boxes to have access to.
Since your network is at home, I suggest you chmod the shared directories to
777 since this will eliminate certain weirdness you may encounter if you set
it otherwise. Also, I normally set the share type to "share" (I strongly
suggest you read the "help" to the right of that option within SWAT.

2.	Set up the "smbpasswd" file (again using SWAT as it is easier for
newbies) by adding the username and password, which needs to be entered when
the shared directories are accessed from the Windoze boxes. I suggest
however you use the same username and password for both Linux login and
Samba login.

3.	Restart Samba (/etc/init.d/samba restart)....and you should be able
to see the shared directory from the Windoze boxes...

Hope that gave you a start....and if you want run into some
problems....e-mail back to me and I will try to help...


Patrick Cheong
Information Systems Assurance
Measat Broadcast Network Systems
E-mail: patrick_cheong@astro.com.my
Visit us at: http://www.astro.com.my

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> Subject:	What do I have to do to get my server running?
> Hey,
> I'm turning my Linux into a server for my family's to Windoze machines,
> but I'm not sure what exactly to do.  I've installed the Samba packages,
> and compiled SMB support into the kernel.  I've got my NE2000 working,
> so now I just need to know how to connect to the network.  Any help
> would be appreciated.
> (My server will be somewhat useless, as their are only two computers
> it's serving, but I'm doing it for the learning experience)
> Thanks,
> Cameron Matheson
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