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Re: t-dsl

"Arthur H. Edwards" wrote:

> I'm a bit confused. On a normal dial-up I have been using PPP and do
> have a static IP address. If ADSL is using PPP what about DSL prevents
> PPP from doing the same thing?

 actually its up to the radius or router of the isp to supply an ip.
They can use a fixed ip for each useraccount (which is very nice) or
they can use a fixed ip per "peering point", in other words, one fixed
ip per telefonline. As you can not predict at which line your call will
be accepted, you get a "random/dynamic" ip-number from your point of
view as a dial-up-customer).

 And the third solution: The router requests an ip-number at a
radius-server. Most radius-Servers I know simply suggest the first free
number in the list. You can NACK that and thats fine :-)

Christian Brandt

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