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Re: t-dsl

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 03:56:35AM -0500, Sean Richardson wrote:
> ... Apparently some of their initial customers
> were setting up home networks and not masking the machines behind a
> router(of whatever sort) and so their machines were each grabbing an IP
> address. This was quickly eating up their valuable address space. Well,
> rather than configure their end of the system so users could only get on
> address they just switched to PPPoe so they didn't even have to worry
> about it.

And how exactly would they "configure their end of the system so users
could only get one address" ?  Worked much with DSLAMs?  How about HFC
data modems?

Smart people *can* get IPs that haven't been assigned to them, and
it's a PITA to root them out.  PPPoE, while a hack, addresses this
concern for providers.  I wish we used it.

As the net becomes unfriendly, blame the idiots who force providers to
become unfriendly before you assume the provider is at fault.

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