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Re: your mail


You want to:
bash$ export http_proxy="http://msproxy.on.windows.box:portnumber";

You probably also want to set ftp_proxy to the same thing.

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, CHEONG, Shu Yang [Patrick] wrote:

> Hi guys!
> I have been searching high and low for the answer but no such luck.....I am
> attempting to connect by Debian GNU/Linux box to the Net through a Microsoft
> Proxy Server 2.0. I can ping outside the local network but whenever I use
> dselect, I get an error message. I understand that if the socks is enabled
> on the M$ Proxy Server, I can use the socks4/5 client to sockify the
> programs which need to connect to the Net, but I think the proxy server
> socks is not enabled. Also, I have seen numerous postings regarding the use
> of some M$ proprietary "protocol" which allows M$ Internet Explorer (and not
> other Web Browsers such as Netscape and Opera) to connect to the Net. I
> tried using Lynx in Debian and this is the error messages I get:
> HTTP Error 401
> 401.2 Unauthorised Logon failed due to server configuration.
> This error indicates that the credentials passed to the server do not match
> the credentials required to logon to the server. This is usually caused by
> not sendoing the proper WWW - Authenticate header field. Please contact the
> Web server's admin to verify that you have permission to access the
> requested resource.
> In M$ Windows 95b(on the same box using XOSL), I can connect using only M$
> Internet Explorer! Can anyone enlightenment me? Is there a space on the Net
> where I can find the answers to this question? Thx.
> P/S I am certain my settings on the Debian box is correct!
> Patrick Cheong
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> Measat Broadcast Network Systems
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> Visit us at: http://www.astro.com.my
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