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Re: Help: Dselect ran out of disk space

Tim wrote:
>>> > Bolan Meek wrote:
>>>>> What's your partitioning look like?  What's the output of `df`?
>>>>> If you use cfdisk, are there any partitions you don't see in `df`,
>>>>> i.e. not have mounted?

> > > > Tim wrote:
>>>> I have 104MB as root and 16MB swap there is 1% unuseable, presumably
>>>> something to do with the drive geometry.


I (Heather) wrote:
>> I recently had a need to do the same thing (install in almost no space)...
>> in my case, because a friend is using a FlashDisk instead of a standard hard
>> drive so to have lots less power consumption for his libretto.
>> You *could* install minimum only by using the "debinst" option of the 
>> Linuxcare bootable business card.  It drops in only base for slink (well, 
>> updated kernel though) and configures the bootup.
>> However, we got a fairly usable day-to-day config by the following means.
>> If anyone wants to turn into a mini-HOWTO or add it to one, I'm cool with
>> that :)
>>         Forget using the installer.
[ doing it "by hand" ellided ]

[ my own questions about minor things to chase down, ellided ]

> Wow!
> I'm quite blown away by that.
> It willtake me some time to digest.


> I'm 1,00 miles from home for the next 2 weeks so have time to work
> through it.
> The laptop in question is an odd one with non-standard drive so using
> the drive on another machine is not an option.

On many laptops the allegedly proprietary interfaces to the drives are 
really in the form of a very small adapter on the pins, to transform a
2.5" style IDE pinout (in older boxes, maybe a 3.5" IDE) to match the 
inner port (which really -is- proprietary)

For instance that was true of my Sager NP3600.

It doesn't means it's not a PITA tho, or that you necessarily want to
take a system apart when you might not have to. 

> I'm thinking of simply restarting from scratch with the floppies but not
> using dselect, which seems to be a large part of your suggestion.
> Thanks,
>         Tim

That will probably work. 

* Heather Stern * star@ many places *

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