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can't read dselect due to background color in xterm window

When I bring up dselect in an xterm window under X+Gnome+windowmaker,
the black background color in the Select portion of dselect make the
text nearly illegible. The colors work fine in a non-X terminal setting,
but what can I do to make dselect usable in xterm? 

Or am I the only one with this problem? Do most of you use dpkg directly
and not use dselect? (I think dselect is one the most amazingly useful
pieces of software I've seen.)

I found a short thread from last May in the debian-user archives at
Geocrawler which suggested that apps like dselect control the colors
used in xterm, and I don't find any other useful info in man pages for
dselect or xterm.

TIA for any ideas!


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