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RE: apt-get & byte compile problem

On 02-Aug-2000 Peter Mickle wrote:
> A few weeks ago, while upgrading from slink to potato, during the
> install process, I answered "yes" to a prompt to byte compile the
> newly installed files. Since then, whenever I have installed new
> packages (apt-get -install or apt-get -update -dist-upgrade) the
> files are bytecompiled when installed. 
> This is not the behavior I want from apt/dpkg, particularly since the
> installer seems to remove the (for example) *.el files after byte
> compiling, so I cannot modify the original files.
> I have not been able to figure out how to remove the instruction to
> byte compile incoming files - any help or suggestions will be
> appreciated.

the package installed (I assume an emacs one) is responsible, not apt / dpkg. 
That said, you could not edit the file any way.  When a new version of the
package comes out, it will overwrite your changes.  If you have to edit them,
grab the source and make yourself a local deb.

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