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Re: Unidentified subject!

> 1) My monitor turns off (energy saving) when I call XF86Setup. I believe
> it's because the monitor (a LG StudioWorks 520) is Plug-and-Play, it sends
> information to the CPU (and it is expecting some answer back) , etc. How
> can I fix that?

What this *might* be is something other than energy saving... if XF86Setup
starts an X server for you that has horizontal and vertical refresh rates
that are outside the range of your monitor, the monitor says "I don't
think so" and turns itself "off". When this happened to me, my monitor
displayed a message "refresh out of range" and gave the correct refresh
rate ranges to use. 

When you set the refresh rates in the configure-r (configurator?) be sure
they are the actual ranges for your monitor and not just generic ones.
These ranges should be in your monitor manual.

> 2) After reading a lot about modems, I bought a Lucent Venus Voice Modem,
> which is ISA, which is a big card (lots of hard on it), which is a fine
> modem with Windows 98, achieving the velocity of 115 Kbps, and I believed
> it was NOT a Host Controlled Modem, WinModem and all this kind of stuff. I
> ran pppconfig, but my modem is not detected. Is it a winmodem? Is there
> something I can do to get my modem working? Is it a REAL MODEM? Or I
> cheated myself?

Try checking the list at
http://start.at/modem or http://www.o2.net/~gromitkc/winmodem.html 
(click on "big list"). 


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