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Unidentified subject!

Hi, debian users.
I'm a newbie (mostly).
Can someone help me?

I'm installing Debian (2.2, which I downloaded from the net) on my
computer, and I have the following problems:

1) My monitor turns off (energy saving) when I call XF86Setup. I believe
it's because the monitor (a LG StudioWorks 520) is Plug-and-Play, it sends
information to the CPU (and it is expecting some answer back) , etc. How
can I fix that?

2) After reading a lot about modems, I bought a Lucent Venus Voice Modem,
which is ISA, which is a big card (lots of hard on it), which is a fine
modem with Windows 98, achieving the velocity of 115 Kbps, and I believed
it was NOT a Host Controlled Modem, WinModem and all this kind of stuff. I
ran pppconfig, but my modem is not detected. Is it a winmodem? Is there
something I can do to get my modem working? Is it a REAL MODEM? Or I
cheated myself?



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