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Re: OT: enlightenment question

I find the pager works well, and the setting up the environments to slide back and forth with mouse activity by the edge of the screen also.

Please let me know if you discover the hot-keys.  I get a lot of info on irc.ais.net #e


>>> "Robert L. Harris" <Robert.L.Harris@rnd-consulting.com> 08/01/00 04:35PM >>>

I'm trying to get Gnome/E to switch with alt-f1, alt-f2, etc
but can't find the configuration for taht also.


Thus spake Robert Waldner (Waldner@KPNQwest.at): 

> Hi!
> Running an up-to-date potato-box I simply cannot find out how to get
> E to switch between virtual desktops like fvmw95 did - by pressing
> <CTRL>-<cursor>.
> Any hints?
> TIA,
> &rw
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