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Fw: Free Linux Journal T-Shirt!

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From: <mara@ssc.com>
To: <larrysh@chorus.net>
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 12:30 PM
Subject: Free Linux Journal T-Shirt!

I suggest that all Debian users go to the URL below, and fill out the Linux
Journal's survey, seeing that they did not list anything for Debian...When
asked what Linux source do you use, I checked other, and typed in DEBIAN!...

Let them see how many of us are out here that are using Debian,  NOT just
what they have Listed...Caldera, Laser5, Mandrake, TurboLinux, Suse, Corel,
Red Hat...

Maybe by doing so, they will have more artical's in there magazine
pretaining to Debian Linux...

Just a suggest...Thanks
Larry Shields WD9ESU
AMPRnet: wd9esu.ampr.org IPaddr
BBS E-Mail: wd9esu@ wd9esu.ampr.org
E-Mail: larrysh@chorus.net

> Dear Linux Journal Subscriber,
> We are working our hardest to tailor the magazine to your specific
> needs, but we need your feedback!  Please take a moment to fill out this
> survey designed to best tell us who our readers are, and as a reward we
> will send you a free "In a world without fences...who needs Gates?"
> t-shirt.  Don't worry, your personal information will not be used for any
> purpose other than to verify your subscriber status and mailing
> information.
> Simply fill out the survey at http://www.linuxjournal.com/survey, and
> your free t-shirt will be in the mail!
> Thanks,
> Mara Piwen
> Marketing Representative

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