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RE: simple language for pop-up messages in X?

On 01-Aug-2000 Brian Stults wrote:
> Hi,
> Not entirely debian related, but...  Can someone recommend a simple
> language that I could use to write a pop-up message program for X?  I
> would like to be notified when I have new mail in a samba-mounted
> spool.  I haven't found any applets that suit me because when I don't
> have mail, I don't want to see anything.  I don't know any languages
> (except awk and bash scripting), so any sample scripts that you might
> have would be very useful.

all other mails have great answers, to start you on the next path of
programming, consider python.  more info at www.python.org.  The language is
fairly easy, the syntax is very clean.

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