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Re: simple language for pop-up messages in X?

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 10:43:31AM -0400, Brian Stults wrote:

> Not entirely debian related, but...  Can someone recommend a simple
> language that I could use to write a pop-up message program for X?  I
> would like to be notified when I have new mail in a samba-mounted
> spool.  I haven't found any applets that suit me because when I don't
> have mail, I don't want to see anything.  I don't know any languages
> (except awk and bash scripting), so any sample scripts that you might
> have would be very useful.

if you want to use shell scripting, you could use
"xterm -geometry 40x10 -e dialog --msgbox 'new mail!' 6 20"
as your pop-up-window. :-)

or, if you want to use a real x-toolkit.. perhaps Tcl/Tk?

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