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Re: Libranet

On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 03:10:35PM -0700, Dale Morris wrote:
> I got to fooling with debian about a week ago and did an ftp install
> of potato. When I tried to add sound I didn't have anything in
> /usr/src/linux so I downloaded and installed the 2.2.16 kernel. Trying
> to install some piece of software I edited my apt-get sources.conf
> file and because I had changed something to get an unstable woody
> package, I ended up upgrading to woody. Now, I've got sound
> configured, real audio is installed, email program is working pretty
> good, etc..


> At the same time I started fooling with debian, I ordered a debian
> disto called Libranet www.libranet.com from Canada. It came
> recommended as an easy way to install debian (I had been unsuccessful
> in the past) and the website promised lots of help, easy
> configuration, etc.. "with over 1GB of top rated software.."
> What I'm wondering is how stable my unstable woody distro is, and
> since I have everything working pretty well now, I might just leave
> everything the way it is. Reading the list mail, I am thinking that
> woody might be more stable than the my former redhat 6.2 release. 

Woody's been pretty stable for me.  The major issues are typically
packages that are broken on upgrade.  Generally, you can retrograde to a
prior release.  I'm currently holding a few packages (postgres, apache,
a few related packages) due to breakage.  May try rolling them forward.

> As a final question, has anyone had any experience with Libranet? I
> bought the cd with kind of superstitious mentality, knowing if spent
> 25 bucks on a cd, that my ftp install would work perfectly and I would
> never need it. If that is the case, as it appears to be, I would just
> as soon return the cd and donate the $25 to debian some way or other. 

No idea.  In general, once you've installed a Debian system, it's easier
to keep it maintained over the net, even if you've got nothing but a
dialup connection (though for the sake of others in the house, a second
phone line might be helpful).  I run apt-get upgrade --download-only
nightly, typically grabs all updates in 10-20 minutes, maybe a couple of
hours if there's been a lot of activity.  Not a bad way to fly.

> A former redhat user, I must say I like debian a lot better. It's
> worth the switch for the ease of upgrading alone, not to mention that
> things seem to work a lot better. Thanks everyone, I guess this is
> what open source and FSF is all about. It's pretty exciting.

I'll copy you on the upgrade and "it works" bit (had fun watching
Michael Tiemann wrestle with a Gnome screensaver during a presentation
recently <g>).  Note that Debian and SPI are not FSF, though we (well,
I'm not an *official* member) generally make friendly with FSF.

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