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Re: Exim congfigs... & perl scripts

I believe if you run `eximconfig` the script asks if you will be handlnig
mail for more than one local domain. Otherwise, it is near the top of

"Specify your local domains as a colon-separated list here. If this option
is not set (i.e. not mentioned in the configuration file), the
qualify_recipient value is used as the only local domain. If you do not
want to do any local deliveries, uncomment the following line, but do not
supply any data for it. This sets local_domains to an empty string, which
is not the same as not mentioning it at all. An empty string specifies
that there are no local domains; not setting it at all causes the default
value (the setting of qualify_recipient) to be used."

For example, on my home machine:
qualify_domain = ghettobox.dhs.org
local_domains = localhost:ghettobox.dhs.org:colby.dhs.org:andross.dhs.org

When I send out mail externally from my machine, it sends as
colby@ghettobox.dhs.org (unless I have the mailer configured otherwise). I
am able to receive mail to any of the local_domains (other than maybe
localhost) from the outside world.

I have had quite a time configuring exim, while I find it more desirable
than sendmail it is a little awkward after using sendmail for a while. 

You may want to check:

While it is not necessarily expansive and all inclusive, it really helps
on some things.

As for perl scripts, I can't help you there. I did a google search on
"perl parse mail header" and came up with some leads:

If anything, they may provide some examples (which has helped me learn
quite a bit).


> Hi, Anyone have experience setting up Exim as a single IP/multiple
> host mailing system?  What I wish to do is use my IP for multiple
> domains... Running into trouble as to where to get decent docs for
> this?.
> Also, anyone have some decent leads on perl scripts for parsing mail
> headers? Thanks, Jack

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