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pseudo-image-kit (for Windows) problem

I was trying to use the pseudo-image kit for Windows
(pseudo-image-kit-2.0.zip) to generate CD images of Debian 2.2
(Potato) test cycle 3.  (I am not yet a Debian user. but decided
to try to get started this way.)  I read the instructions in the
pseudo-image kit and executed the following exact command, in a
DOS box running under Windows 98, in the same directory that
contains the unpacked pseudo-image-kit files:

  make-pseudo-image potato-i386-1.list ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian

It seemed to work for a while, and created a temporary directory
and a bunch of temporary files (which I kept in case they contain
any clues to the problem), but then a Windows error dialog box
popped up, and said the following:

  SH caused an invalid page fault in
  module KERNEL32.DLL at 0187:bff7a382.
  EAX=00000000 CS=0187 EIP=bff7a382 EFLGS=00010206
  EBX=00520b84 SS=018f ESP=0254f138 EBP=0254f15c
  ECX=00420cf4 DS=018f ESI=00000104 FS=36a7
  EDX=00420cf4 ES=018f EDI=00000374 GS=0000
  Bytes at CS:EIP:
  89 50 04 8d 04 33 50 ff 75 08 e8 70 fd ff ff eb
  Stack dump:
  00000374 00000000 0042000c 00420000 00520b84 00000000 00000000 00000520
  00000521 0254f184 bff7a541 00420000 00520b84 00000104 00000000 bfee0000

Then the "make-pseudo-image" script started cycling between the
"bash" and "sleep" commands, apparently in an infinite loop, so I
closed the DOS box.

Can anyone help?  TIA!

(If the problem can't be solved, of course the alternatives are
to download the entire CD image file via FTP or HTTP from a site
like http://aurolinux.mit.edu, or just wait until the official
release when the CDs can be ordered from a vendor.)

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