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Re: current Redhat user evaluates Debian


On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 11:17:58PM +0000, montefin <montefin@finux.com> wrote:

> Still, when friends ask me about 'this thing called Linux', I recommend
> they go out and buy the latest Red Hat boxed CD set; try Linux; and, if
> they like it and want to get serious, switch to Debian, Slackware or
> SuSE.


I'm currently involved in organising an InstallFest in Brisbane,
Queensland, Australia.  We've decided to primarily do Redhat 6.2
installs for the logistics (choose one, only one).


How common is the "Debian last" practice, that is, try the rest
(including non-GNU/Linux) and then come to Debian?  Approximately
2/5 of Humbug's membership are now Debian users; however, only a
few went straight to Debian.

For me, Debian is the high point in most respects on a long road.
In my work as a Systems Administrator I've used Solaris, Irix,
Digital Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and GNU/Linux.  Within GNU/Linux,
I've used MCC Interim Release, Yggdrasil, Slakware, Redhat and

I still use all the non-GNU/Linux systems (work) and they *do*
have advantages, e.g. OpenBSD for security and crypto or Solaris
for some serious 64 processor hardware; however, I believe that
"Debian last" has allowed me to appreciate how good Debian
GNU/Linux really is.

Yours sincerely,

-- Mark John Suter  | I know that you  believe  you understand
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