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Re: same debian, new hardware?

Krzys Majewski wrote:
> Again on the subject of buying new hardware, I'm looking for a good
> way to copy my existing setup to the new machine. So far I can think
> of three main types of options. In order of decreasing popularity, they
> are:
<first three snipped>
> 4) Physically install the old hard drives in the new machine.

I recently went from a Pentium 166 to a PII 300, and the route I took was
number 4.  My hard drives are both IDE, but I do have a SCSI CDROM drive. 
Everything went just fine.  I did later recompile the kernel for the PII,
but I doubt it was really necessary.  However, in the process of recompiling
the kernel I redid some of the other peripherals to get them working better,
or in the case of the sound card to get it working at all.
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