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The firewall would be IPCHAINS setup with PMfirewall. It's an office network
and the owner wants to be able to access the accounts data and run the
accounts program on her laptop while connected to the internet aboad over a
secure tunnel through the firewall to a fileserver. I don't see why the data
can't be in a directory on the firewall, but others have told me not to do
The firewall will allow email in and out, web traffic, and will run no
external services except for SSH.
The Owner will us Windows on the laptop, the accounts program will be MYOB,
and it must be a multiuser setup with filelocking, which I beleive MYOB will
do itself.
I do something very similar, in that my accounts data is on a Debian server,
I use Quickbooks in Multi-user mode, so I don;t think that is a problem.
The biggest problem is how to tunnel in through a firewall to an internal
machine using windows on each end and the firewall in the middle.

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Is there a way to VPN windows machines through a Debian machihne acting as
> firewall?

More information, please: what precisely does the firewall do, and how
precisely do the Windows machines need to connect?

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