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Re: Tape backup software?

"Gary Hennigan" <glhenni@sandia.gov> writes:
> > Has anyone tried recovering damaged .tar.bz2 files? Any success /
> > failure?

I'd also like to know about this.

> > (By the way, there is also afio, which is a command-line tool like tar
> > but compresses one file at a time. The format, of course, isn't
> > compatible with tar, and afio isn't as widely available on rescue
> > disks, other Unices, and such.)

Using it here.  No problems yet, though it would be nice to have a
"self-booting, fully automatic recovery solution."  I mean, one
that's *free*.

> I've also used "dump" on a lot of Unix systems. Unfortunately the last
> time I tried the GNU/Linux version it wouldn't back up FAT partitions
> and so wasn't suited to my needs.

Dump on Linux is specific to the ext2 filesystem. :-( I'd try it, but
I'm using reiserfs on one partition.

This came over the reiserfs mailing list a couple times in the last
few weeks.  It fits nicely into this topic:


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