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Re: combining unused space into files

"Richard E. Hawkins" wrote:
> I thought I sent this earlier, but it doesn't seem to have arrived . . .

Oh, I read a version of this earlier.  It was there.  I didn't reply
since I don't know an answer for you off the top of my head.  Not even
off the top of the pointiest part of my head...

> IN my last-ditch attempt to recover a long text (actually lyx) file that
> was deleted, I want to combine all of the unused space on my drive into
> files.  There's about 80M altogether, and I want to break it into 10M pieces
> (so I can manipulate them in the 40M partition normally assigned for
> swap).
> I want to get a literal straight read of the disk.  Can anyone point
> out how to do this.

This is likely to be a lame answer, meaning there's probably a much
better one somewhere, but had I enough RAM, I'd configure a huge
RAMdisk, and `dd if=/dev/hd? of=<ramdisk>`, then start searching.
Alternatives to explore might be a program, pretty low level, to
read in raw sectors, maybe write it to a file, system("perl -e ...")
to search, etc, reiteratively.

When's your deadline with this paper, anyway?

> To complicate matters, the machine has no netwerok connectivity;
> it's a laptop, and the pcmcia hardware seems to have gone south . . .


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