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Re: terminal goes funky

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 09:38:07PM +0200, Sven Burgener wrote:
> Silly me accidentally cat'ed a binary file, which caused the terminal 
> (tty1) to go all funky.
> It seems to display things fine, but just with weird characters instead
> of proper ones. Some characters are fine though, like the "GNU" part of
> the login prompt. :)
> I saw someone undoing a situation as such, but forgot how to do it as I
> very seldom get bogged like this.
> A reboot would surely fix this, but I dont want to do that. Kill or
> HUP'ing the getty doesn't do the job.
> Thanks
> Sven

He, I think this is interesting. I haven't tried it myself in Linux, but
it has been a problem in some snapshots of OpenBSD that I have used, and
it surfaced on a mailinglist that it's an age-old artifact in UNIX.
On OpenBSD I've seen the same that you see, all normal chars garbled,
and all capitals are OK, also (again on OpenBSD) I've seen a bug that
made ALL chars capital, annoying, and that's also an old old bug, funny
that such things doesn't disapear with time and, in the case of Linux,
On OpenBSD the only thing that fixed it was a reboot, YMMV.


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