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>>>>> "Giuseppe" == Giuseppe Sacco <gsacco@hsomail.com> writes:

    Giuseppe> Hi, I am looking for a Mail User Agent that is able to
    Giuseppe> show S/MIME messages. I would like to avoid Communicator
    Giuseppe> Mail since it is in non-free. I am actually using mutt
    Giuseppe> but I just discovered that it handle PGP/MIME (rfc2015)
    Giuseppe> and not S/MIME (rfs2633-4).

What is the difference? I thought that there was only one standard...

I would imply from the above message that
a) S/MIME is incompatible with PGP/MIME.
b) some programs only support S/MIME (such as?).

Perhaps I should read the standard, that might tell me more ;-)
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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