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Re: voodoo3 board not found

try going to linux.3dfx.com and download the rpm, convert it to deb with
rpm and install it. see what happens.

(thats what i do, and it works on frozen)


On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Aaron Maxwell wrote:

amaxwe >Hi.  Can anyone help me here?
amaxwe >
amaxwe >I've tried to run quake3 and the demo version of descent3 on my
amaxwe >spanking new system, with its Voodo3 3K 16MB accelerator card.  Neither
amaxwe >can detect it -- the error message they give is:
amaxwe >
amaxwe >gd error (glide): Can't find or access Banshee/V3 board
amaxwe >
amaxwe >I haven't been able to figure out why.  I'm running woody[1]; my gui is
amaxwe >gnome+enlightenment.  I think all the relevant packages are installed,
amaxwe >including: libglide2-v3, glide2-base, libglade-gnome0, libglade0,
amaxwe >libglib1.[12], and libgltt2. 
amaxwe >
amaxwe >I don't quite grok video hardware, m'fraid... Thanks for your help, and
amaxwe >have a good weekend.
amaxwe >
amaxwe >Aaron
amaxwe >
amaxwe >[1] More precisely, I have a CorelOS that's been converted to woody.  That
amaxwe >means remove all the packages with the string "corel" in them; edit
amaxwe >sources.list; then apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. 
amaxwe >
amaxwe >
amaxwe >
amaxwe >-- 
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amaxwe >

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