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voodoo3 board not found

Hi.  Can anyone help me here?

I've tried to run quake3 and the demo version of descent3 on my
spanking new system, with its Voodo3 3K 16MB accelerator card.  Neither
can detect it -- the error message they give is:

gd error (glide): Can't find or access Banshee/V3 board

I haven't been able to figure out why.  I'm running woody[1]; my gui is
gnome+enlightenment.  I think all the relevant packages are installed,
including: libglide2-v3, glide2-base, libglade-gnome0, libglade0,
libglib1.[12], and libgltt2. 

I don't quite grok video hardware, m'fraid... Thanks for your help, and
have a good weekend.


[1] More precisely, I have a CorelOS that's been converted to woody.  That
means remove all the packages with the string "corel" in them; edit
sources.list; then apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. 

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