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RE: Does Debian Support DSL?

On 22-Jul-2000 dmagnuss@yahoo.com wrote:
> I am going to install Debian Linux, but don't know if it will suport the DSL
> modem I am using, the Intel Pro/DSL 2100.  Anybody know if it will work?
> Thanks,

I don't know if Debian supports DSL, but I use DSL with my Debian system.
The software recommended by Pacific Bell Internet will not connect me, so I am
using Roaring Penguin and it works great.  If your DSL provider uses PPPoE and
the Enternet software won't work for you, try Roaring Penguin.  I installed it
from an RPM package using Alien.  The rpm package is called rp-pppoe.  You
could also install it from source.

see http://www.roaringpenguin.com


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