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Re: Debian 2.1 => Kernel problem


I for myself have got a debian2.2/2.1 mix on my machine, but it took a bit
of time until I solved all the dependency problems.

So I suggest using a debian 2.1 disk set for base install, then Sven would
have no problems switching dselect to multi_cd mode and installing further
packages from his slink cds.
The boot disk would have to be modified to recognize the scsi adapter.

Sven, can you access your hard drive when booting from the install cd? Or
can't you even install?

Tom Pfeifer wrote:

> Someone can probably help you with that SCSI problem, but failing that,
> there's no need to buy Debian 2.2 (potato). In fact you probably can't
> yet anyway since it isn't quite released yet.
I agree he there's no need of installing potato. Because I think you can't
also tell if the required module is included in the kernel bundled with
debian 2.2, I found the following possible solution:

One of us compiles an appropriate kernel, uploads a ready-to-go rescue boot
disk image and then Sven installs using this disk and a base install disks
set. Then he could boot Linux using the rescue disk and install the kernel
from the disk onto his hard drive, lilo (after configuring lilo.conf) and
boot from his HDD, although the kernel-image package installed is not
appropriate for his scsi hdd. It's just "overwritten" manually. This is my
suggestion because I don't also care much about the kernel/kernel
modules/kernel src packages, I just download a .tar.gz kernel and compile it
and configure lilo manually (no make kpkg or so). But other people might
regard this way as a bad one (what do you think??)

Kind Regards,

Stephan Hachinger

> Sven Meister wrote:
> >
> > Hallo Debians,
> >
> > I just received the Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 distribution. It consists of 5
> > The first one is the install-CD. On this first CD there is the kernel
> > and this kernel will be automaticly installed. But then I'll have the
> > problem that my SCSI-Controller won't be detected. So I need to install
> > 2.2.x kernel dure the install process. But there's the problem with the
> > first CD. And so my systen will never boot up, because it can't detect
> > SCSI-Controller. Shall I buy the Debain 2.2 distribution and if so, what
> > the main difference to the 2.1 one.
> > Sorry if I sometimes ask simple questions, but I'm a newbie in those
> > BTW: My SuSE distribution works, but I do not want to use it anymore. I
> > think you all know why, don't you?
> >
> > Thanks to all debains!
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