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Re: Debian 2.1 => Kernel problem

Someone can probably help you with that SCSI problem, but failing that,
there's no need to buy Debian 2.2 (potato). In fact you probably can't
yet anyway since it isn't quite released yet.

What you could do instead is download just the handful of files needed
to install the base potato system from your hard drive (or from
floppies). That will get a bare bones Debian system up and running
enough so you can establish an internet connection. From there you can
install the rest over the net from within Debian using the apt-get
and/or dselect tools. 

Here's the Debian 2.2 install intructions:


Section 5 covers install methods, which will tell you what files you
need to get started and where to find them:



Sven Meister wrote:
> Hallo Debians,
> I just received the Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 distribution. It consists of 5 CDs.
> The first one is the install-CD. On this first CD there is the kernel 2.0
> and this kernel will be automaticly installed. But then I'll have the
> problem that my SCSI-Controller won't be detected. So I need to install the
> 2.2.x kernel dure the install process. But there's the problem with the
> first CD. And so my systen will never boot up, because it can't detect my
> SCSI-Controller. Shall I buy the Debain 2.2 distribution and if so, what is
> the main difference to the 2.1 one.
> Sorry if I sometimes ask simple questions, but I'm a newbie in those things.
> BTW: My SuSE distribution works, but I do not want to use it anymore. I
> think you all know why, don't you?
> Thanks to all debains!

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