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Exim says: retry timeout exceeded

For one single domain, and only for that domain, exim immediatly sends
an error message saying "retry timeout exceeded" after I send a mail to
that domain. This occurs for all kinds of receivers.
Here the mainlog :
 2000-07-21 22:54:23 13FjoN-00003Y-00 <= jan@ciw.stud.uni-erlangen.de U=jan P=loc
al S=756
2000-07-21 22:54:23 13FjoN-00003Y-00 == Name.Name@info.uni-tub.d
e R=smarthost defer (-1):
2000-07-21 22:54:23 13FjoN-00003Y-00 ** Name.Name@info.uni-tub.d
e: retry timeout exceeded
2000-07-21 22:54:24 13FjoO-00003a-00 <= <> R=13FjoN-00003Y-00 U=mail P=local S=1
2000-07-21 22:54:24 13FjoN-00003Y-00 Error message sent to jan@ciw.stud.uni-erla
I`m not able to sent a message to this domain anymore. What is the
problem here and how can I solve it.
My retry-part in exim-conf is the default.

Any sugestions?


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