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Sawfish GNOME control center problem

Hi everyone,

I seem to be having a problem with Sawfish's GNOME capplets: unlike all
other capplets, Sawfish's capplets always require me to press "Try" before
pressing "OK" to actually make the changes have any effect. Otherwise,
they are silently ignored, as if I had pressed "Cancel".

On all machines other than this one, the Sawfish capplets work in the
expected manner; i.e., pressing "OK" makes the changes take effect.

I have had this problem for some time, and I now have the latest Sawfish
.debs (0.30.2). I am using Helix GNOME, and Debian woody. There are still
some packages that are out-of-date, but I doubt they will fix the problem,
since it has existed for quite a while now, and it seems specific to this
machine, suggesting a configuration problem. Does anyone know of any
configuration files that might cause this..?

Any help in figuring out this problem would be greatly appreciated. I am
not subscribed to this list, so please send any replies directly to my
email address.



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