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Debian + Windows98 on the same large disk problem


I have recently got a new hard disk 40GB, in which I decided to install both
Windows98 and Debian, FreeBSD. 
(I never wanted to install this Win98 stuff on my machine but job matters

I repartitioned the hard disk using slink Debian's cfdisk into a first FAT32
partition of 12GB and 3 more partitions (second is 12GB BSD, and the other
two, 10 and 5GB Linux). For the cfdisk to work properly with my large disk,
I had to specify the disk geometry that FreeBSD's fdisk returned to me.

Following that I installed Windows98 on the first partition of 12GB. I
checked with the Windows98 fdisk program, and indeed it finds the 4
partitions mentioning that the 3 last ones are non-DOS. 

The problem is that when I use the Windows explorer to see what is the
available space for my C drive (FAT32 partition), I get that available for C
are 39GB, i.e. the whole of my hard disk and not just the FAT32 partition.
Despite that, it reports the C volume label to be the same name as that
reported by the Windows98 fdisk!

So, I wonder what is happening? Is it just a bug in the Windows Explorer or
the actual Windows will expand further than their allocated 12GB partition
when they have no space and delete my Debian and FreeBSD stuff when I
install them there?

Has anyone installed both Debian and Windows98 on the same large disk and
came across anything similar?



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