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Re: shell script at boottime

On Sun, Jul 16, 2000 at 10:00:09PM -0400, Michael Soulier wrote:
> > It'd be better if you put your script in /etc/init.d/myscript.sh and
> > made a /etc/rcS.d/S60myscript.sh symlink pointing to it.
> 	I can't seem to remember the name I saw, but isn't there a tool in
> Debian for managing these symlinks?

Yes, try 'update-rc.d'.

However, I think installing the package 'file-rc', and editing
/etc/runlevel.conf is a better method. YMMV.

Manoj Victor Mathew  (GPG#: 3D96A9B9)
Cochin, India.

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