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Couple of sound card questions

Hello List,

I've recently installed a sound card in my system and have some
questions about the set-up.  The card was given to me by a friend as "an
old soundblaster" - it's ISA and has a number of identifiable jumpers -
IRQ, I/O address etc.  I first put it into a W95 box to see what that
made of it and to check/confirm IRQ, I/O etc.  I then put it in my Linux
box and compiled it into the kernel as a basic SB using the settings I'd
obtained.  Using Gnome and Sawmill, it works, and during boot up it's
identified as a "Sound Blaster (8 BIT/MONO ONLY) (2.01)> at 0x220 irq 7
dma 1,1

The two questions I have are:-

1.  I've got Alsa installed, as I've seen a lot of posts advocating it,
so I thought I'd have a look at it.  I installed everything via dselect
and there appear to be no dependency issues, but if I try to run amixer
I'm told that "The ALSA sound driver was not detected in this system" 
I've run alsaconf, which seemed to go ok, but has made no difference.

2.  The sounds that I'm getting aren't always very timely - they can be
up to 3 seconds late.  This is most noticeable when I play the Heretic 2
game - the sounds all seem to be correct, but they're always about 3
seconds late.

Any pointers/advice would be welcomed.



...or something

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