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Re: shell script at boottime

On Sun, Jul 16, 2000 at 01:55:38PM +0200, Hans wrote:
> As far as I understood:
> Scripts run at boottime are located in /etc/init.d

You can't say that. All scripts are in there.

Things in /etc/rcS.d/ are run at boot time. (See /etc/rcS.d/README 
for infos)

What's also run at boot time are the things for the default run level.
Check your /etc/inittab for that.

> Links to these scripts are located in /etc/rc*.d (depending on the runlevel)
> These links begin with Sxx+scriptname and are processed according to there
> number.
> Am I right?


> What I want to do: I have a small shell script (setting hdparm, aumix, etc)
> called boot.sh which I want to run when my box boots. I thought of putting
> it in /etc/init.d, then make the link /etc/rc2.d/S50boot.sh. Is this the
> proper way to do this? Thanks for the input.

One way of doing it. Note that this only gets run at boot time when the
default run level is 2, which happens to be so right now, but might
be changed later, so check /etc/rcS.d/README for a better way.

I don't know the policy if there is any on this topic(?), but you can always 
have an @reboot entry in root's crontabs.

If in any doubt, see /usr/doc/sysvinit/README.runlevels.gz for more infos. 
It's all documented.

The program required me to install Windows 95 or better ...
	... so I installed Linux.

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