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Re: surfin' on cable!

Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Chris Majewski wrote:
>> Hm, I'm on Rogers in Vancouver and I'm not using dhcp at all. 
>> For the record, seems to work fine for a week now.
>> Hm, should I expect imminent disaster? -chris
> This is probably not wise.  Since the DHCP server is unaware of the fact
> that you're occupying one of the IP addresses under its control, it
> doesn't know not to assign that IP address when somebody needs one.  You
> setup will continue to work until the DHCP server assigns another box on
> the cable network the same IP.  Bad things will happen when it does that,
> though.

While this is true in general, I've heard of only a very few
people who have been renumbered.  In fact the other big @home
outfit in Canada uses your IP as part of the alphabet soup it
gives you for a host name.  They don't go so far as to say
you're static but you are effectively.

Even if you use a dhcp client it pays to keep a script around to
set yourself up statically for the times the dhcp server is down.
This will usually be right after an outage :)

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