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Re: Debian and WordPerfect

Johann Spies wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 05:12:00PM -0400, Mike Werner wrote:
> > Which version of Word Perfect?  I've got WP8 here, and it runs just fine. 
> > I'm currently running woody, but I know I had WP at least with potato - not
> > sure if I had WP with slink or not, but I think I did.
> A few questions:
> 1. Which kernel do you use? When I install WP8 on my system it
> complains about the kernel (2.1.14) not being certified.

I've used various 2.0 and 2.2 kernels.  I can't remember what the "current"
2.0 kernel was when I first got WP8.  I'm currently using 2.2.16

> 2. Which window manager do you use?

I've used Window Maker, blackbox, fvwm95, and am currently using Sawfish
under Helix Gnome.

> I can succesfully instal WP8.  The GUI installation screen seems to
> work without a problem but as soon as I try to run it, I get a
> segmentation fault.

Perhaps a library incompatability?  WP8 is very picky about some of the
libraries.  It needs the libc5, xlib6, and xpm4.7 libraries installed.
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