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Re: Pb installing Mozilla

Benoit NOSS <benoit.noss@iaurif.org> writes:

> Hello,
> I have a debian 2.1 (stable version)
> In the stable tree of the debian ftp server, I haven't found mozilla, so
> I decided to download it from unstable tree.
> I had to update lots of libraries to make it work, and I'm not sure I
> did all well because ./mozilla-installer send me an error about
> libstd++-libc6.so not available or something like that (I downloaded the
> right libstdc++*.deb package) .
> Is there a simplier way to get it work? (it's hard for me cause I'm new
> to Linux)

the binaries are built/packaged for redhat. Because of bugs in glibc 2.0.x,
it will crash sometimes, but you can run it. I get it to run by downloading
the sources (~25M), and building them (takes about 200M(?), ./configure &&
make). This is simple, it just takes lots of bandwidth and disk-space.

is there still a testsuite coming with M16 ?

Felix Natter

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