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Re: some basic unix commands and mswordview?

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Matthew Dalton wrote:

> > about twenty word documents starting with 'a'.
> > And I wanted to get them each into html, if possible with a single
> > command.
> > What to do?
> > (Some people who know linux/unix well will surely know an easy answer how
> > to do it.)
> I'm sure you'll get heaps of answers for this.
> Try:
> $ for file in *.doc; do mswordview $file > ${file%.doc}.html; done
> Change *.doc to a*.doc for all the ones starting with a.
> Matthew

I did this and this seems to work. 
Thank you a lot. 

(Actually one of the things I'm trying to do is to proof to my
fellow-workers that linux is a very effective and cheap tool for our work. 

I'm a teacher and a designer. I'm working at an open university planning
and teaching courses using internet-based environments. My friend has
used msword to write his documents and we want to use them to be put in
the Net and they have to be in html-format.

We have here often problems when students are sending their documents
formatted using many different word-processing programs, too.)  


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