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Running Samba as a PDC

Hello Group,
I have samba running as my Domain Controller and Im using Windows98
machines for clients and everything work fine. But I have ran into 
a small problem here. I want to name my domain something different
from my workgroup. Everything I have read says that the workgroup
name will be the domain name for windows users. So I have something 
like "neutec" for a workgroup andneutec for a domain name in
windows. So is there
any way to add a different name domain to samba without changing
the workgroup. If I change workgroup in the smb.conf to the 
domain I want, I can no longer see the samba server in Network
Niehorhood. Not a big deal but I would like to get it working.

Thanks Guys.

It feels so good, It's a marginal risk, when I clear off windows with fdisk                  

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