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Re: smbmount

thanx for the replies, it is all working now...

it is weird how a redhat Samba rpm package would have smbmount/smbclient
included whereas a Debian Samba package doesn't.

BTW, what is more reliable as a means for copying great quantities of files

1)   smbmount from an AIX samba shared directory


2)   nfs mount from an AIX NFS shared directory with no_root_squash?

Corey Popelier <pancreas@dingoblue.net.au> on 11/07/2000 21:20:29

To:   Zane Drysdale/Diagnostic Labs/64
cc:   debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject:  Re: smbmount

smbfs is actually a package - apt-get install smbfs
You also need SMB support compiled into the kernel for those commands to
work. (I dont know if you can do it as a module, havent tried).

 Corey Popelier
 Work Email: copo@commerce.wa.gov.au

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000 zdrysdal@diagnostic.co.nz wrote:

> Hi
> i have installed samba-2.0.5a-1.deb and it does not contain either
> smbclient or smbmount.  the debian search-contents feature on the debian
> home page has indicated that smbmount is in the "otherosfs/smbfs" which i
> presume is the module smbfs which i have installed under modconf/fs.
> but i cannot find it through updatedb/locate.... so how can i install
> smbclient/smbmount?
> Thanx
> Zane
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