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Re: Ethercard Plus Elite 16: (WD/8013EP); Slink, Potato, Corel

On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 09:08, virtanen wrote:
> > > The wd module was there on the list, but install failed. 
> > 
> > The latest set of boot disks is missing the 8390 module which is
> > loaded before the wd module.  That should be fixed soon.
> I installed debian 'slink' and got it working. I did not have to do any
> windows programming for the card as was suggested by Anrei Ivanov on this
> list. 
> Probably Nathan was right, it is some kind of kernel problem. I will go to
> 'potato', when this problem is fixed. 
> Both 'potato' and Corel 1.1. 'failed' to install 'wd' module, which was
> needed by the card. (Wd is listed there on the list of networking modules,
> but it was not possible to install it.)

You can successfully install potato with this NIC, but not using the
"standard" boot floppy set. I've successfully installed using the IDEPCI
set. I believe the IDE set also works.

Once you've got the basic system installed you can compile your own
kernel and include any other modules you need that might be missing from
this flavor of rescue/root/drivers floppies.

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