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Re: Combining 4 C-class networks: how?

On 10 Jul 2000, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

> Sorry to break in on this thread and being off-topic, but...
> CIDR is 10 years old! Anyone still thinking in class A and class C
> is probably still using COBOL too... sigh

Sorry to break in but..
Looking upon the earth as flat is a fine assumption if you're working on a
small scale.
And yes, it's rather popular to think of the earth as (approximately)
round these days, but we may not always do so. It's entirely a matter of
which simplifications we see as most important. 
(This is getting *really* off-thread..)

At a smaller scale, when you're not dealing with the current lack of
"official" IP adresses, sorting the IP addresses into "classes" is a damn
fine way of avoiding chaos. And when you don't want to follow these rules
strictly, you can revolve around them.

I've spent too much time thinking rules are dumb, spending
my resources wading in chaos. Yes, rules are dumb if you follow
blindly, but we don't have any "infinite amount of genius" to take from
and patterns are fine for orientation.

And it would be some coincidence if the 10.x.x.x adresses used in
this example were actually official.


Philosophy, law, medicine and even theology, alas! I studied everything with 
an ardent will and here I am, poor fool, just as far behind as ever. 
No more advanced than before.
    Goethe - Faust

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