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Re: Combining 4 C-class networks: how?

In article <cistron.Pine.LNX.4.10.10007102358270.30642-100000@login2.powertech.no>,
Harald Thingelstad  <thingels@powertech.no> wrote:
>Sorry to break in but..
>Looking upon the earth as flat is a fine assumption if you're working on a
>small scale.
>And yes, it's rather popular to think of the earth as (approximately)
>round these days, but we may not always do so. It's entirely a matter of
>which simplifications we see as most important. 
>(This is getting *really* off-thread..)
>At a smaller scale, when you're not dealing with the current lack of
>"official" IP adresses, sorting the IP addresses into "classes" is a damn
>fine way of avoiding chaos. And when you don't want to follow these rules
>strictly, you can revolve around them.

Well, I have explained IP addressing and routing to quite a number of
people. If you start with CIDR and then later explain classfull
routing as something from the past, they understand completely.
Whereas if you do it the other way around they will always be
slightly confused about CIDR.


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