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Debian + other distribution


   I have a HD 10.2 with win95 at the begin (first 1500MB) and another Linux
dist. on a partition of 3000MB. (The distribution is Conectiva Linux, similar to
RedHat). I want to install Debian 2.2 on another partition without remove
neither win nor my other dist. How should I proceed to do this? 
   Obs.: My computer has the limit of the 1024 cilinders and I want to know
where is this limits in megabytes and how to deal with this problem if the
Debian partition be created over the 1024 cilinders? 
     Maybe I'll remove win95 from my computer ( if my family accept). Will
this revolution (yeah!!) help me to install two Linux distributions on the same
   And more, I have a /boot partition of 16MB to boot my Conectiva Linux.
(said that because it can be an important information.)       

                                  Ricardo Gabriel Herdt

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