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Emacs ps-print-buffer omits a line

Just a minor problem I've experienced with printing from Emacs.  Perhaps I've 
misconfigured, please let me know if so.  Details
below.  Thanks.


Packages: emacs20 20.5a-1.99, emacs20-el 20.5a-1.99, emacsen-common 1.4.8, 
lprng 3.5.2-2, gs 5.10-9.1.  Kernel is 2.2.14.  Printer is an Epson Stylus 
Color 440.

Here is printcap entry: 

Here is epson440-hires:

gs -q @stc_h.upp -sOutputFile=- -    

exit 0

Here is the problem:

The default ps-font-size is pretty small at 8.5 points portrait. So I 
increased it to 10 - much nicer.  Except that on page 1/2, line 62 is omitted 
(all but a thin slice along the top).  Page 2/2 begins with line 63.

A workaround:

A couple of changes to defaults have fixed it for me: ps-header-lines from 2 
to 1 and ps-header-offset from 28.346456692913385 to 14.  This prints 64 lines 
on page 1 and page 2 starts at line 65 - much better.

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