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Re: Compaq Armada 1750

	Hi Mike and all,
	I dont have much experience with laptops.
	This Armada came with a pcmpcia lan ethernet card. I installed slink and
pcmcia-cs packages (and answered it's config questions).
	When I insert the card it not beeps it does nothing.
	ifconfig show me only lo entry.
	What I can do?
	Thanks,		Paulo Henrique
Quoting Mike Werner (reznaeous@earthlink.net):
> Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
> > 	Hi all Debian users,
> > 	I have to install Debian at a Compaq Armada 1750. I cant get the network
> > pcmcia card to work. Anyone can help on this?
> Simply saying you can't get it to work is not enough for anyone to help you. 
> More information is needed.
> What have you done so far?
> What, if any, error messages are you seeing?
> What are the exact commands you have tried?
> What release of Debian are you using?
> What kernel?
> What version of the pcmcia drivers are you using?
> What make and model of PCMCIA card do you have?
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