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Re: What to use as an MTA

Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> Hello folks,
> in the exim Texinfo file it says:
> > Exim is designed to work efficiently on systems that are permanently
> > connected to the Internet and are handling a general mix of mail.	
> My question is: If I have a machine that's _not_ permanently connected
> to the internet, ie. if I'm using dial-up, is exim still a good choice,
> or are there better MTAs for that purpose.
> Are there alternatives that work best with demand dialing with ISDN (no
> delay when connecting)?

I'm on a regular dial-up here - going through a demand-dialing firewall /
router - and have been using exim with no troubles.  At one time I was using
our ISP's SMTP server as my smarthost, but am currently doing my sending
direct.  Occasionally I have troubles with sending to sites that use MAPS,
but I manage.

So I'd say go ahead and give exim a whirl.  I found it quite easy to
configure, and use its built-in filtering capability to sort my email into
seperate directories.  Quite easy to deal with, and I found the syntax of
the filter easier to understand than procmail's.
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